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Chief Executive's Message


Lead, follow, or move out of the way might best describe the changing training agenda for industry operators as we move through the new millennium, with changes coming at an exciting and demanding pace.

Tourism is big business and the robust training agenda led by TTA with industry is achieving outstanding success, but there is still much to complete.

Vocational education in Australia has a vibrant and fast-paced agenda. The ongoing success of training, increased mature-age employment opportunities, on-line learning & E-Business programs - are all ingredients of future success in the Tourism, Hospitality & Caravan industries.

With an employment base of more than 1.3 million people, the industry is now preparing for an additional 325,000 new jobs in all sectors of tourism and hospitality. Each year more than 268,000 people undertake full and part-time training which is a salute to the progress being made by partnerships between industry and Registered Training Organisations.

The TTA Industry Network extends to all States and Territories throughout Australia and around the globe and we welcome your contact at any time. Keep in touch as we continue to launch innovative worldwide benchmark training products and systems.

W. R. Galvin OAM | Chief Executive

What We Do

Tourism Training Australia was established in 1982 to develop a flexible and effective training system for the tourism and hospitality industry.

The organisation brings together a large number of training partners, including industry, government, unions, private and public training providers, industry associations, universities and students/trainees.

Tourism Training Australia:

  • MANAGES the development and implementation of national training system initiatives such as New Apprenticeships and mature age training.

  • ENSURES industry quality standards are met by promoting the Australian Hospitality Review Panel (AHRP) and Australian Tourism Training Review Panel (ATTRP) industry recognition systems

  • PROVIDES recognition of prior learning and current competence through ACCESS

  • ORGANISES Conferences and Seminars to exchange ideas for increasing training and service excellence

  • RECOGNISES special industry innovation with National Training Awards

  • LIAISES with training providers to improve training strategies and industry access to training

  • DEVELOPS training Products and Resources to assist in the delivery of quality training

  • INITIATES and undertakes national and state Projects which improve employment and training opportunities

  • SUPPORTS a national training Network that provides assistance and advice in each State and Territory

  • ASSESSES current and future workforce needs

  • ADVISES Government and other organisations on industry training needs, strategies and plans

  • PROMOTES the benefits of training to industry and key stakeholders

As a member of Tourism Training Australia you will support the continued progress of training in the tourism, hospitality and caravan industries. Your support will significantly enhance new achievements and initiatives to meet the challenges of today and the future.


support the fostering of higher professional service levels
receive a monthly fast-fax, highlighting industry and training news
request advice on training policy and programs
receive a complimentary associate directory
be recognised through certificate presentations
expand networking opportunities through associate contacts, meetings and conferences
access the Tourism Training Australia resource centre of reports, training manuals, statistics and journals
assist the development of industry training through participation in project working parties and steering committees
be eligible for reduced fees for conferences and seminars conducted by the tourism training network
be recognised for commitment to training excellence through use of the Tourism Training Australia logo for promotional purposes.

Tourism Training Australia is delighted to welcome new Associates to join.

Associates Annual Fees

$995.00 (AUD - Inc. GST)

For more information about becoming a TTA member, please email allen@tourismtraining.com.au

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